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 Podbrdo Trail Running Festival

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Podbrdo - Slovenija, 16.6. - 18.6.2017


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UPT instructions
Thursday, 28 May 2015 20:13

Dear participants of Ultra Pušeljc trail organized as part of Podbrdo Trail Running Festival!


Start of our trail run is just around the corner and some instruction are due:

When you arrive in Podbrdo please follow the instructions of our marshals, who will be directing

you to the specified parking areas close to the starting area. Race bibs collection area will be

close by, as well as an area where you can leave your bags and wardrobe.

Race bibs collection:

 Friday, 17.06.2016 from 17:00 till 20:00 at “Bazen” in Podbrdo

Race bibs collection and wardrobe drop off:

 Saturday, 18.06.2016 from 04:30 till 05:30 at Podbrdo Simon Kos Primary School

(Osnovna šola Simona Kosa)

All participants must have their mandatory equipment with them, when dropping off their

wardrobe. Mandatory equipment will be checked, and must conform with the specification.

Bags for your wardrobe will be provided by the organizer. Only official bags will be accepted and

delivered to aid stations.

Bags with equipment for aid stations 1. Kopačnica, 2. Železniki and 3. Podbrdo (Finish line)

must be delivered in time to the Podbrdo Primary School on saturday morning (till 05:30).

Organizer will deliver all bags to the specified aid stations. All used bags will be delivered back

to Podbrdo, where you can pick them up only with your race bib. Organizer will not mail bags to

race participants, who will not pick them up after the race. Any bags left behind will be destroyed

for hygienic reasons. You must not pack walking sticks in the bags and are advised against

packing any valuables or money. Any complaints regarding content of bags will be dismissed.

Breakfast will be available in Podbrdo Primary School from 04:30 to all who will be staying

overnight in Podbrdo. There will be coffee, tea and some other modest treats for all who will be

arriving in the morning.

Start of trail is at exactly 06:00 next to St. Nikolaj church and Jakowna house.

There are 10 aid stations with drinks, energy food, fruits… You will be able to change gear and

get other kinds of food in Kopačnica (48km) and Železniki (74km).

Time allowed to complete the race is 30 hours with two cut-off times, Kopačnica at 11h and

Železniki at 18h. Marshals at those aid stations will strictly obey cut-off times!

Transport will be organized for participants who will not make cut-off times or will drop out.

Transport from individual points on the trail to finish area will be coordinated by the organizer.

Organizers and MRAS (Mountain Rescue Association of Slovenia) members at designated

points along the trail will be in constant contact with race officials. Medical staff will be available

at designated and marked points along the trail, EMT team in the start - finish area will be in

constant contact with race officials and MRAS.

In case of extremely bad weather (snow, thick fog, thunderstorms), organizer can cancel the

start of the race or interrupt it before completion. Organizer can also change the trail course due

to bad weather conditions, before or during the race, participants will be notified and directed


Organizer will provide a mobile number, which will be available at all times during the race in

case you need to report any unpredicted events on course (participant in trouble, difficulties on

the course, participant dropping out of the race, etc.) Mobile number will be received along with

race bib, and the participant will save it to his/her mobile phone in front of race official.

Upon reaching the finish line refreshments and food (energy drinks, easily digestible food,

fruits...) will be available to participants.

Showers and massage will be available in Podbrdo Primary School. Temporary beds will be

prepared for participants to rest and wait for the formal ceremony in honour of best performers.

Remember, everybody will be a winner!

If you apply for the race and later start it, it is considered that you accept all regulations and later

additions to these regulations before and during the race. By applying for the race every

participant accepts full responsibility for himself/herself and his/hers belongings and absolves

the organizers of any responsibility.

Dear participants, we wish for You to enjoy yourself, a safe step and happy arrival at the finish

line of Ultra Pušeljc Trail Podbrdo 2016.

                                Organization team

                            Ultra Pušeljc Trail Podbrdo 2016


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