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 Podbrdo Trail Running Festival

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Podbrdo - Slovenija, 18.6. - 20.6.2021

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PTRF 2020 prestavljen v 2021
Martedì 05 Maggio 2020 18:41


runners, organizers, co-organizers, volunteers, supporters in all good thoughts who work with us to create the story of the Podbrdo Trail Running Festival. This year is a special year. 20th anniversaries are close and things have started to take place in a way that we have not yet encountered in our 20 years. No matter what the circumstances, we do our best.

Unfortunately, we have reached the point where we have to CANCELING THE FESTIVAL IN 2020

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(cancelation in 2009)

Podbrdo CP www

(Podbrdo is waiting...)

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(cancelation in 2009)

All etries are forward to the next year 2021. Despite the fact that we do not refund the fees, we try to mitigate the consequences of quarantine and for those who are not able for the next year's term we refund 50% of the paid fee.

Stay healthy and we really hope to meet you soon in beautiful Baska grapa.

Organizators of PTRF.

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Podbrdo Trail Running Festival 2021
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